Mary Surratt: Guilty or Innocent?

This program is recommended for students in grades 4 - 12

Was Mary Surratt innocent or guilty?
This is the central question at the Surratt House Museum. Students will learn the chronology of events that led to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the evidence and testimony that ultimately found Mrs. Surratt and 7 others guilty of conspiracy. During this guided tour of the information, students will state a clear opinion on the guilt or innocence of Mary Surratt and be able to support that position.

Maryland Voluntary State Curriculum
Students will:
   • Acquire new vocabulary
   • Identify key facts
   • Summarize the main points of an issue explaining different viewpoints
   • Make a decision based on the analysis of issues
   • Identify and formulate a position on a course of action or an issue

Programs are given by knowledgeable and experienced educators dressed in period attire of the 1850s and 1860s.