Proceedings of the Conspiracy Trial

The following documents have been transcribed for the Surratt House Museum Website by Jill Myers, Docent. These documents are taken from the original Pitman trial transcripts.

Context for the Trial Proceedings provided by Jill Myers, Surratt House Docent
Charge and Specification against David E. Herrold, George A. Atzerodt, Lewis Payne, Michael O'Laughlin, Edward Spangler, Samuel Arnold, Mary E. Surratt, and Samuel Mudd
Pursuit and Capture of Booth and Herold (Testimony and examination of Mr. John Lloyd)
Testimony Relating to Mrs. Mary E. Surratt
Findings (the verdict and sentence for Mrs. Surratt)

Proceedings of a Military Commission...
Testimony Relating to John Wilkes Booth and Circumstances Attending the Assassination
Pursuit and Capture of John Wilkes Booth
Defense of David E. Herold
Testimony Concerning Edward Spangler
Testimony Relating to Mrs. Mary E. Surratt
Testimony Concerning George A. Atzerodt
Testimony Concerning Lewis Payne
Testimony Concerning Samuel A. Mudd
Testimony Concerning Michael O'Laughlin
Testimony Concerning Samuel Arnold
Finding and Sentences
Application for a Writ of Habeas Corpus in Behalf of Mary E. Surratt
Argument on Jusrisdiction of Military Commission by Reverdy Johnson, of Counsel for Mrs. Surratt
Argument in Plea to Jurisdiction of Military Commission by Thomas Ewing, Jr.
Opinion on the Constitutional Power of the Military to Try and Execute the Assassins of the President by Attorney General James Speed
Dutton Affidavit Concerning Certain Statements of Dr. Samuel A. Mudd enroute to Fort Jefferson
Affidavit of Louis J. Weichmann