About the Surratt Society

The Surratt Society is a volunteer organization dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of history involving the Surratt House.
Founded in 1975, the Surratt Society encourages research into the role that this historic site played in the events surrounding the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and into life in mid-19th century Southern Maryland.

The Society sponsors many activities
   • Revenue from the John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tours is used to help preserve the site.
   • Volunteer docents conduct tours, lead field trips and host special events. 
   • Scholarly exchanges and the latest news are published in The Surratt Courier
   • Historians and experts on the Lincoln assassination, the era, and the Civil War address Society members at various gatherings, like our annual Surratt Society Conference.
   • The Society maintains a research library of topical materials for the use of its members and historical researchers

Benefits of Membership
   • Free admission to museum events
   • The Surratt Courier delivered monthly
   • Discount for John Wilkes Booth Escape Route Tours
   • Invitation to attend the Annual Conference
   • Monthly programs
   • Life Members receive a 15% discount on Gift Shop purchases

Become a Member of the Surratt Society

There are three ways you can become a member of the Surratt Society:
• General Memberships are available at a rate of $10 dues per year
     ($5 dues per year for a second member residing at the same address). 
• Docent and Hosts/Hostesses Memberships are available for volunteers who serve as docents or hosts/hostesses at the Musuem. A one-time membership fee of $5 is required.
• Life Memberships are available for those who wish to support the Surratt Society on a continuing basis. Life Memberships require a one-time contribution of $125.
     ($75 for a second member at the same address). 


Please fill out a Membership Application, and mail it, along with your dues, to:

9118 Brandywine Road
Clinton, MD 20735

All dues and donations are fully tax deductible. All members are entitled to vote and hold office in the Society. For additional information, please call (301) 868.1121.


Due to limited staff hours and resources, we have to put a hold on publishing our monthly Surratt Courier. We apologize for the inconvenience, we will keep society members up to date if anything changes. 


Become Part of the Surratt Society!