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Surratt Society Courier

 Thank you for your patience!

A Message from the President

To those of you who have been wondering what happened to The Surratt Courier, it has been a temporary victim of COVID-19. Unfortunately, with so much closed down because of the virus, the Surratt Society no longer has access to the printing and mailing facilities we have used in the past. The most logical, and economical, step is to make it available online. As the last issue Society members received was in March, the Executive Committee decided to make the issues of The Surratt Courier issues available on the Surratt Society’s website (for now), which you are now viewing. Ultimately, there will be a Surratt Society members’ website, where the most current Courier and its back issues will be posted. We will send our membership a letter explaining everything, when the website is available.

The decision has also been made to publish the Courier bimonthly. When Laurie Verge became ill, she asked me to step in as editor. After I used up Laurie’s stockpile of articles, I resorted to my stockpile of Surratt Couriers that date back to December 1976. I refer to the past articles as oldies, but goodies. Most will be reprinted for the first time in decades. I hope you enjoy them. However, please let me know if new information has been found, since the reprinted article was first publish. I will gladly print the correction and/or additional information. I will be the first to admit I do not have Laurie’s encyclopedic knowledge of the assassination.

In the meantime, we are looking for material to use in future issues. It can be articles from our experts or even questions you would like answered. You can send them to for our consideration. I cannot guarantee that everything sent will be used, but I will do my best. The topics can range from the assassination and its cast of characters to social history of the times.
Again, thank you for your patience. Hopefully, we will eventually be able to publish monthly issues, but for now I hope you enjoy seeing the Courier again.


Louise Oertly, Editor and Surratt Society President

About the Surratt Courier

The Surratt Courier is a bi-monthly newsletter published by the Surratt Society. The newsletter keeps members informed of events, issues, programs, and forthcoming books and other publications. It also includes articles related to the Lincoln assassination, the Civil War, and Victorian times, many of which, are contributed by scholars and authors who are Society members. 

As noted in the presidents message, our publication of the newsletter was impacted by the pandemic. Thus, we have currently made the couriers from 2020 to date available online to the general public. Links to each newsletter are below. If an article sparks a question or comment we have provided a comment box at the bottom of the page. We will respond to messages as quickly as we can. Enjoy!


The Surratt Couriers have been compiled into a comprehensive index. To view our Surratt Courier Index, click here. Any inquiries about past articles contact the James O. Hall Research Center.

2023 Surratt Couriers

Courier Cover NovemberDecember 23.png

Nov./Dec. 2023

Courier Volume: XLVIII  No. 6

Untitled design (6).png

Jan./Feb. 2023

Courier Volume: XLVIII  No. 1

Click Here

2022 Surratt Couriers

Untitled design (3)_edited.jpg

Nov./Dec. 2022

Courier Volume: XLVII  No. 6

Click Here

Untitled design_edited.jpg

Jul./Aug. 2022

Courier Volume: XLVII  No. 4
Click Here

Cover January1024_1_edited.jpg

Mar./Apr. 2022

Courier Volume: XLVII  No. 2

Click Here

May Jun1024_1.png

May./Jun. 2022

Courier Volume: XLVII  No. 3
Click Here

Cover March1024_1.png

Jan./Feb. 2022

Courier Volume: XLVII  No. 1
Click Here

2021 Surratt Couriers

NovDec 2021.png

Nov./Dec. 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI  No. 6

Click Here

JulyAugust2021 Jpeg_edited.jpg

July/Aug. 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI  No. 4
Click Here


Mar./Apr. 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI No. 2
Click Here

September.October Courier.png

Sept./Oct. 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI  No. 5
Click Here

MayJune 2021.png

May/June 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI No. 3
Click Here

Copy of jan_feb 21Image.png

Jan./Feb. 2021

Courier Volume: XLVI  No. 1
Click Here

2020 Surratt Couriers

January Image.jpg

Jan. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV  No. 1
Click Here

March Image.jpg

Mar. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 3
Click Here

May_June  Image.jpg

May/Jun. 2020

Courier Volume: No. 5
Click Here

sept_oct Image.jpg

Sep./Oct. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 7
Click Here

February Image.jpg

Feb. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 2
Click Here

April  Image.jpg

Apr. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 4
Click Here

July_Aug  Image.jpg

Jul./Aug. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 6
Click Here

nov_dec Image.jpg

Nov./Dec. 2020

Courier Volume: XLV No. 8
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